North Shore & Yilan Hot Spring Tour


    • Location:

Yilan, located in the north-east of Taiwan. The trip will travel from Taipei to Yilan, and back to Taipei before the dinner. Travelers will take the tour bus from Taipei to Yilan, and enjoy biking and have a night stayed in Yilan. Day 2 to visit Fulong, located in Gongliao Township, New Taipei City at Northeastern Taiwan. It has an excellent beach and is a popular place to surf.

    • Length & Distance:

Two days tour. Total around 42 km within two days

    • Level of Difficulty:

Easy to Moderately Challenging. Flat for the most part with stretches of gently rolling terrain. There is no long bike in a day. Only a little climb, and none should be considered a deterrent to the average cyclist. Cycling is primarily on designated bike routes.

  • Highlights:
      • Day1:

    Yilan is known for its Dongshan River Park and the Traditional Art Center. A easy bike riding way allow visitors to enjoy the riverside view and explore Taiwan traditional culture in the Traditional Art Center. In the afternoon, take a relaxing stroll and go by cycling on the park’s designated paths. The park offers green spaces, nature reserves, and has the largest outdoor sports area in Yilan. In the afternoon, riders are arranged to visit Lanyang museum which is famous on its unique Cuesta style architectural landscape. Cuesta is a Spanish name for a geological formation where rock layers gently slope up to an escarpment or a cliff and at this raised point the rock layers are exposed on their edges. The hotel accommodation for the trip is in Jiaosi County, and visitors will be able to enjoy the hot spring water in the hotel.

      • Day2:

    Take the bus to Fulong, and start biking to Old Caoling Railway Tunnel. Take a right on the street immediately in front of the railway station. About a 10 minute bike ride will get you to the tunnel entrance. The ride through the tunnel (about 10-15 minutes) takes you to the east coast and a nice view of Turtle island. The tunnel is not only dimly lit, cool, and mystical, but also musical, since about two-thirds of the way in the New Taipei City-Yilan County border is celebrated in light and sound. The tunnel is otherwise peaceful, especially in comparison to the coastal highway, and its gentle downhill slope certainly preferable to huffing and puffing over the mountain overhead. Later, heading to Mao’ao Fishing Village, the simple fishing village of Mao’ao with its century old Banyan trees, free and casual ducks in streams, and stone houses built from local stone sources offers an unexpected serenity within the soft crackling sounds of waves. This trip will end at National Museum of Marine Science & Technology. The museum demonstrates the development and application of marine science and technology. Visitors will take a museum tour, and watch IMAX 3D movie in the theater of the museum. After that, the bus will drive riders back to the hotel in Taipei.



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